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Connie Chan: Movie Fan Princess
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Early Years (1947-59)

Connie Chan Po-chu was born in 1947 in Guangdong, China. Her father Chan Fei-nung and mother Kung Fan-hung were renowned Cantonese Opera stars. (It is interesting to note that, just as Connie would become famous for playing male roles, her father was famous for playing female roles.) At the age of five she started learning Cantonese Opera from her parents and later became an apprentice of Peking Opera master Fen Juhua, who was one of the first martial-arts actresses in Shanghai during the 1920s. When Connie was nine, she began performing onstage. One year later she and Leung Bo-chu (the daughter of the great comic actor and opera clown Leung Sing-po) were the leading stars of the Double Chu Opera Troupe

In 1958, Connie made her film debut in the Cantonese opera Madam Chun Heung-lin. The following year she played in two Mandarin-language productions for the MP&GI studio: as a widow’s daughter in Yue Feng’s melodrama For Better, For Worse and as a young boy in Tao Qin’s comedy The Scout Master. That same year she also played the role of a filial son in Breaking the Coffin to Rescue Mother. more
Image of Connie Chan with her father Chan Fei-nung and teacher Fen Juhua
Young Connie with her father and teacher Fen Juhua.