The Ultimate Guide to Buying Artificial Grass

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Artificial Grass

Before purchasing artificial grass for your home, consider a few things. The first thing to do is to measure the space. Most artificial grass rolls are 2m wide, so you need to buy the right amount. Decitex is the weight of a thousand meters of yarn, and the lower the Dtex number, the thinner the yarn. The Dtex value will be indicated by a number and bar, indicating the thickness of the fiber. Micron is the thickness of the fiber. The higher the Micron, the better.

Tip# 1

Before purchasing, you should also check the country of origin of the artificial grass. To find out the quality of artificial grass, look for UV stability and fiber loss. The latter will protect your lawn from fading and other problems caused by sunlight. Make sure you have enough fiber to create a lush looking lawn. To find the proper fiber density, you should check for its thickness.

Tip# 2

Before buying artificial grass, you should consider a few things. The type of grass you buy will depend on the footfall it receives. Choose an economical type for areas where heavy footfall is likely to occur. The thicker varieties are suitable for gardens with little footfall and are less expensive. The length of the blades will also depend on how you’ll be viewing the grass. For example, if you’re looking for a soft landing for children, you can choose a more luxurious type of grass.

Tip# 3

The size of the artificial grass you select will depend on the area it will cover. If the area is heavily trafficked, a dense pile material is preferable. For more cost-effective prices, choose a thin pile option. When selecting the color of the artificial grass, consider the angle you will be viewing it from. You should choose a shade of green if the area is shaded. A darker shade of green will give a darker effect.

Tip# 4

When it comes to color, you need to consider the usage. For outdoor use, dense pile artificial grass is best. If the area is rarely used, go for a thin pile, which will be more affordable. Whether it’s for a patio or a garden, consider the angles from which you will view it. Ideally, you should choose artificial grass that looks beautiful from all angles. You can then choose the color and design that best fits your needs.